Dylan Phoenix is a Naughty School Girl


No one sneaks on James Deen’s house and not get punished in return. Usually, he makes cops take care of it but this time, it’s different. A chick with a really nice tits and great ass is the trespasser. When he saw, he knew that he can take care of it himself. Dylan Phoenix, the trespasser won’t definitely get off the hook but she’ll definitely James get off. Fuck me, it’s dark. Good thing Dylan has some nice complexion, making her ass still visible from all that darkness. Once James acknowledged the slutty presence in his room, he begins taking care of Dylan. James and Dylan shared some deep kissing and went immediately to fucking with no further ado. James is sitting on his bed while Dylan bounces around his dick. Dylan’s plump ass is still visible from all the darkness surrounding them. James played with her tits and ass in his spare time. Dylan stops the fucking. She goes go down and starts sucking his fat dick. But around here, it’s a common knowledge that James has some unusually large dick for a dude his class. Dylan’s gagging noises can be explained by this. Even with that, she didn’t stop feeding herself some big dick in her mouth. Dylan then continues fucking his dick but faces the other way this time. With her nice tits dangling around, she continued going up and down while mounted on his dick. It’s obvious that she went at it hard because it wasn’t a while when James implied that he can’t take it any longer. Dylan goes down again and did what she had to do to extract the cum from his fat dick. From all that licking and sucking, James finally gives her the creamy, white load directly into her mouth. Dylan took all of it and swallowed like a good girl.


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