Abbie Maley and Avery Black: We Know How To Share


Abbie Maley and Avery Black are besties who love to share what they have with each other. These two stunning brunettes will not hesitate to tag team a big cock if they feel like it. Abbie invites Avery over to her house because she wants to do something fun with them. Avery doesn't even need to think twice to know what Abbie really wants to do. The two beautiful sluts waste no time at all in acting out their desires. They quickly go to Oliver Davis' room to get what they want. Abbie and Avery get down on their knees and start playing with Oliver's cock. They take turns kissing, licking, and sucking the big cock until they can't hold in their lust any longer. Oliver leads the horny girls on the bed where he would fuck their tight cunts until they become gaping wide. Avery is the first one to be pounded hard. Abbie gets on top of Avery. They make out with each other while Oliver alternately sticks his cock into their cunt. When one of them is receiving the dick into her cunt, the other one is busy doing other things, like sitting on the other's face or making out with each other. The lucky stud lies on the bed and lets the girls do the work for him. One of the girls rides his cock while the other one sits on his face. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Abbie and Avery cum over and over again. The sensual threesome ends just like how it all began, with the girls on their knees worshipping Oliver's cock. They take turns sucking his big shaft until he ejaculates all over their place. Abbie and Avery still look stunning and pretty even with the warm cum dripping down their faces.


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