Janice Griffith: Morning Yoga Fucking Extravaganza


Waking up with an exotic, blonde beauty doing some yoga is as good as waking up to the nice smell of bacon, eggs and coffee. James Deen sees this petite teen, Janice Griffith, as he wakes. He asks her a simple question of what she’s doing and in return, James heard a code word for his morning wood to stay hard. Janice says “Keeping it tight for you”. This makes the morning a bit better than before for James. It didn’t take long for Janice to go from doing yoga to riding James on his lap. They stuck their tongues to each other’s throat for a good few seconds before James starts working his way downwards. Janice then drops down to her knees and starts slurping James’ fat dick. Being the way he is and Janice having some cute little mouth with her, it’s quite inevitable for her to gag in the process. Janice keeps the heat going by trying titty fuck James and rubbing her fuck holes on his big dick. Eventually, Janice gets that big dick inside her as she lies down on top of James. Janice was fucked so hard that she naturally fell off and ended up getting fucked sideways. Janice gets the full treatment when James occasionally grabs her by the neck to keep her in place. James also made her flip over to fuck that pussy from behind. Variety is needed after all. Same thing happen afterwards. She lies on her back with her legs wide open. Their morning fuck routine revolved around this. From being fucked when she’s on her back, from behind or just when she rode that dick, it’s all get done. They went at it until Jams had enough of it. He made Janice sit on the floor as he uses her mouth to extract cum from his dick.


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